What we want to do

We think that the Bath Road is already an amazing hub for our local community, but some areas of it currently aren’t very pretty! There’s nowhere for people to really sit and chat, or for us to share some of the fascinating things that we have learnt about the history of the area. There are also very few places where bikes can be safely left.

So we want to create some areas that can help the road become a much more community-friendly place to be, and that other people from outside of our area will want to visit. We also want to get people to think more about the kinds of transport that they use and whether we can all walk and cycle more to get healthy and to help reduce our carbon emissions.

There are a few places on the road where the pavement is wide enough to add combined planting and seating and we are looking into whether we could soften the look of the road with street planters and trees in containers (as we cannot plant them into the paving areas). The grant won’t pay for all of this, but we could try to find local sponsors for individual items.

At first we would like to create a couple of combined planting and seating areas together with some local notice boards that would include maps of South Cheltenham and details of our Local Trading History Project.

This is the kind of thing that we had in mind, but we are still learning about the different types of street furniture that are available and the likely cost. We are also talking to the traders about what they think about our ideas. Click on the images to view in full size.

We will have to think about how things will be maintained after they are put in as it will be our community that takes the responsibility. One nice idea that we are looking is the creation of a ‘Friends of The Bath Road‘ group that could help with this. Please let us know if you would like to be involved in this.

Here you can see some other streets that have been re-landscaped.

The Norwood Roundabout

We would also like to renovate the Norwood Roundabout so that it provides a much more pleasant and significant entrance to the Bath Road (this wasn’t included in the grant though).

These are some of the solutions that the council’s urban design team have suggested (at the moment most people like the tree best), but we are inviting other ideas and are looking for a local sponsor who could help us with this. As the roundabout lies at such a busy junction any ideas would have to have to be discussed in detail with Gloucestershire Highways.

Click here to vote for your favourite.

What the grant money covers

  • Web development £500
  • Interpretive Materials £1000
  • Planting £1000
  • Seating/panels/bike racks £2500

What we have to find/provide

  • Volunteer time – £1500
  • Planting sponsors – £2000
  • Seating/panels/bike rack sponsors – £1500


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