January update

In the January meeting the County Council’s road safety team confirmed that they were adding a few disabled bays to the scheme, but that following on from the consultation period the main details of the scheme would now be going ahead.

The group agreed that, for the first Community Pride grant-funded phase of the project,  we should explore the the cost of three large planters that could be located on the new safety island (near the shops Cook and Roots and Shoots) – and that would therefore not interfere with any loading/unloading. The other advantage will be that these shops have offered to maintain the planters and water the plants!

With the new environment fund in mind a creative brief has been drawn up for South Cheltenham and it was agreed that, although we should seek to develop a unified feel for this area of Cheltenham, each trading area should still have its own clear identity. The name ‘South Cheltenham’ will not therefore be used in any interpretation. The Bath Road Traders were invited to develop their own brief that could then be used to more clearly ‘brand’ the Bath Road.

The group is now looking at interpretation signs for the phase two spend, but it was agreed that finding suitable locations was not proving that easy.


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